Fern Photography | Our Approach to Wedding Photography

bride at a window on her wedding daybride at a windowbride at a window Our success comes from our meticulous planning for your wedding. Venue visits, pre-wedding shoots, emails and telephone calls all help us prepare. Leading up to the wedding we work with you to ensure that we know who and what is important and nothing gets missed. On the wedding day we work to an agreed plan, but we can adapt that plan on the wedding day if necessary.

Before the wedding

The planning starts a few months before your wedding when we arrange the venue visit.

Venue visit

About three months before your wedding we'll contact you to arrange a visit to your wedding venue. This is an opportunity for us all and get an understanding of what is possible on the wedding day. 

During the venue visit we talk about group photos, your portraits and timings. We also look for ways to manage the photography in bad weather.

Pre-wedding shoot

We include a pre-wedding shoot during the venue visit. This helps us all get used to working together and prevents any surprises on the wedding day. The pre-wedding shoot is fun; our couples always say they enjoy the experience. The pre-wedding shoot will mean you are more relaxed on your wedding day.

Timeline and shot list

A month before the wedding we'll ask for a list of the people and things that you want photographs of on the day. We'll work with you on this list so that it has as little impact on your wedding day as possible.

The wedding day Ailsa and Rich's wedding receptionAilsa and Rich's weddingAilsa and Rich's wedding in Wedderburn Castle, Scotland

We've planned the photography with you so that on your wedding day there's nothing to worry about.

Technology enhancing the service

We use a hands free phone kit to keep in contact with each other on the day. During the ceremony we make a phone call so that we can quietly communicate with each other. This way we don't miss any special moments or get in each others way.  We also have an electronic checklist that synchronises with each other's phone. We check items off the list as we complete them on the day. We also carry a paper copy, just in case!


We start the day with you around 10am and finish around 10pm. During the wedding dinner we gather all the photos taken to that point and copy them to two hard drives. After we finish photographing in the evening we copy the rest of the images to the hard drives too.

After the wedding

The next day we will give you between 20 and 30 processed photos to share among your friends and family. The rest of the wedding photos take between four to six weeks to process. Once you have your photos we can start designing your wedding album.