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What a season

October 30, 2015  •  1 Comment

It's nearly the end of the wedding season so as Matt and I start to wind down from being at weddings, and begin to prepare ourselves for wedding fair season (come and see us at the Corn Exchange) I thought I'd take some time to reflect on this year's good times. This post is going to be as much about our interesting view of the world as it is about the awesome couples we've met this year so strap yourselves in for a ten minute ride through Fern's 2015 weddings.

The year started much as it usually does, with January. This wasn't at all a surprise to either Matt or I since we use a calendar.

January was our first wedding fair at Murrayfield stadium. We met some great people, including one couple who recognised our photo from a magazine in London. We've never advertised in London so I'd like to take this chance to say thanks to whoever stole our image because the couple booked us after a delighted surprise bumping into the photographers in Edinburgh.

February was another first. We photographed Fiona and Craig's wedding at the Zoo! Winter on top of a giant hill in Edinburgh gave us some concern over outdoor photos but our run of good fortune held out and the weather was fantastic.

Trivia fact: Fiona knitted all the animal centre pieces for their wedding.

March was the wedding fair at the Corn Exchange. It was great to meet everyone but the one thing Matt and I won't forget was our lunch. It was a brown sandwich. It was exactly as tasty as it sounds. March was also the lovely Sarah and Graeme's wedding.

Trivia fact: Graeme was the original creator of Beautiful Edinburgh on Facebook. Check it out, it's brilliant.

April was the beginning of the end for weekends for Matt and I, until December. We got so busy that we hired more photographers to join us in the fun times. Aliza, Juliette and Sonja are now our good friends but you won't see Sonja for a bit, she just had her first child. She's taking a break to raise a tiny human which we thought was fair enough. Charley and Tom's wedding was in April and we were delighted to be there. We'd been recommended to them by Rachel and Glitch, previous clients. Rachel has just had a baby too so I guess it's true what they say about spring time.

May was crazy. It was my cat Willow's first birthday. She's pretty amazing. Her core skill is scratching at my bedroom door a few hours before my alarm goes off, so I don't over sleep. So thoughtful. May was also Shona and Callum, Abby and Nick, Kay and Graeme and Alice and Andrew's wedding (not all at the same time).

Trivia fact: Alice and Andrew's cat Blinky made a speech at their wedding. It was hilarious.

June saw our first three day wedding. Lorna and Dilen's Hindu/Scottish wedding was excellent. They had a joint bagpipe, Indian drummer team who do all their wedding jobs together. I also learned that the word garage in New Zealand doesn't mean the same thing as it does here, which is why it took ages for Matt to find oil for his leaky car. For your information, in New Zealand, a garage is a place where you keep your car, next to your house and not a place where you buy petrol and oil. I see this the same way as the existential discussion about whether it's dinner time or tea time (I say it's tea time). The three day wedding was also the beginning of our first back to back wedding. Edinburgh to North Lanarkshire, back to Edinburgh then up to Stirling the next day for Aly and Rob's wedding. All that and we still managed a wedding preview within 24 hours. Processing photos on the M9 at night is a real skill. June was also Debbie and Piotr's wedding at Edinburgh Zoo.

Trivia: Debbie and Piotr unexpectedly got married before their wedding day. We found out at their pre wedding shoot, which by that time was a post wedding shoot. Their ring ceremony at the Zoo was a lot of fun!

July had some amazing summer weddings. Ailsa and Rich in the beautiful Wedderburn Barns and Charlotte and Oliver at Dunglass Estate. I remember epic amounts of rain at each of their weddings but neither wedding was affected by it. The weather on those days, during the outdoor parts, was stunning.

Trivia: Charlotte and Oliver's cake topper was a holiday gift from Spain given to Charlotte when she was a young girl. She found it unexpectedly before the wedding when they moved house.

August is traditionally much quieter for us wedding photographers in Edinburgh. The Festival takes over town so we get a wee break and a chance to catch up on processing and making wedding albums. I celebrated my third wedding anniversary via FaceTime this year as my wonderful wife works abroad. It was quite poignant to think back on all those couples' weddings Matt and I had been part of as I thought of my own. I love my wife.

September brought Matt and I to Hopetoun house for Louise and Chris's wedding. What a classical and stunning day it was too. I recall being spoilt for choice at where to point the camera, with all the beautiful rooms and the smiling people, then suddenly realising the string quartet were playing Michael Jackson's Thriller in the background. Fun times! September was also the fantastic Katy and Nick's and wonderful Jess and James's wedding.

Trivia fact: James is a fireman and so is his Dad. James's fire crew couldn't come to the wedding because his boss's wedding was on the same day. James's dad's crew came to the rescue and surprised the happy couple by appearing with their fire engine to be guard's of honour just as they left the church.

October, autumn time with colourful trees and shorter days. We were delighted to photograph Rachael and Matt (he's an awesome videographer), Jenny and Tristan (they are a sweet couple) and Becca and Grant (they met at sea cadets, he now diffuses bombs underwater!) at their weddings.

Trivia fact: Matt agrees with me. It's definitely tea time! Rachael isn't convinced.

So that brings us to now. Matt and I are off out tomorrow to buy a table for a wedding fair. There is a strong chance we'll get cake or pie whilst we are out too. Can't go table shopping on an empty stomach!

If you haven't met us yet then come along to the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the 7 - 8 November. We'll be there (hopefully with a brown sandwich or two) and we'd love to hear about your wedding plans. 

See you soon,





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What a year so far guys! Well done on all your successes, going from strength to strength :)
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