Why we offer the service we do

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So, the short answer is: it gives the client the best service possible from start to finish.

The longer version is...

As wedding photographers we have taken the somewhat unusual step of charging just one price for wedding day photography. Everyone enquiring with us expects a range of packages that offer more or less photographers, more or less time, more or less photos... more or less what they are looking for. It’s the standard wedding industry model.

We’d rather give them exactly what they are looking for and a clear price for what it costs to ask us to do this.

We’ve been photographers for a long time and over those years we’ve learned that the best photos come from the most comfortable couples. That comfort is built through trust. The service we offer centres around how we build that trust with our couples so that they have confidence that we will produce perfect photos of their wedding day.

Casual but professional

We have a laid back approach to business but that does not compromise our professionalism. We have the customer at the heart of our decisions and work flexibly to tailor what we do for each couple that hires us. We are who we are and when couples meet us they know immediately that we will fit in with their wedding guests. Basically we’re two really friendly people who love what we do and are excited to meet every couple who gets in touch. We stay that exited all the way through to the day we hand over the wedding album and say goodbye.

After every meeting or wedding we have a mini-debrief with ourselves to make sure that we did everything right, responded to the couple’s needs and identified any areas of improvements that we could make. We always take time to reflect on how we work so that we don’t become complacent in our jobs. Before we say goodbye to our couples, once the work is finished, we always ask for feedback too. We want to know what we did well and what could have been done better too. We continuously strive to improve.

Lorna & Dilen's WeddingLorna & Dilen's WeddingLorna's Mehndi Preparation

The trust we develop begins with our preparation for a wedding. We visit every venue with our couples, even if we have been to the location before. We want to see it with them, find out what they like about it and make plans with them for their wedding day. Seeing it through their eyes helps us visualise how we will take the photos that they want. The venue visit usually lasts about an hour and afterwards we’ll all have a clear understanding of how we’ll work together on the day.

We also use this opportunity to help them prepare for being professionally photographed on their wedding day. The majority of couples who hire us express a feeling of anxiety at being photographed. This is completely normal but totally manageable. We spend an hour or two taking photos of couples the way we will on their wedding day, without the pressures of time or commitments that a wedding day can bring. We practice simple, natural poses, chat to them about what they like and get to know how they like to be in front of a camera. We learn a lot about our couples at this time and always form a close connection with them, which carries through to the wedding day. Importantly, couples get photos from the session, getting an opportunity to see the quality of our work with them as our subjects, reinforcing our skill for their wedding.

Doing the whole job doesn’t cost more

Every wedding we do gets two photographers for as long as they’re needed. We aren’t interested in charging more for us to stay after the first dance or turn up before the ceremony.

Imagine a world where one buys a book but only gets chapters three to five, however if you really like the author then you can get chapter one, two and six if you pay even more money. No one would be happy with that model but we still get asked if we really don’t limit the time we’re at a wedding. There’s too much upselling in the wedding business. We hate the upsell. We stay for as long as it takes to get the job done otherwise we are only doing part of the job. It’s not like we’ve got better things to do that day. We really want to be there, we love weddings!

The hidden benefits

Some of the things we do you’ll never see, never even know about, which means we are doing our job right.

We carry backup equipment to every wedding. We carry at least two extra cameras in our bags, ready to grab if anything stops working. It never has but that’s a few thousand pounds well spent in our minds. If we never have to use those cameras in all our days then we’ll be happy wedding photographers.

We have a paranoid approach to keeping your files safe too. We back them up twice during your wedding, a twice more when we get home, and store them in four separate locations so that nothing can happen whilst we work on them. We use technology to allow either of us to work on the files from any location. If someone is ill, the other one can take over to meet a deadline. It’s all part of the service. Couples don’t ask for it because they shouldn’t have to. It’s how to run a business that is customer focussed first, money making last (the order we prefer).

Thankfully more wedding professionals do business this way. Customer service where we wear our customer’s shoes and offer a service that we would want too. It’s a great time to be in the wedding industry and we’re delighted that we’re a part of it.



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